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XTRA Ascend Jackets
Genesis collection of metaverse-ready jackets. Public mint is live.

XTRA Fantasy Pyramid

XTRA Fantasy Pyramid is a collection of digital pyramids with countless XtraOrdinary fantasies preserved inside them.We are partnering with high quality creators and the design theme is "FANTASY" for upcoming digital fashion collections. Be an XFP holder to get exclusive access.

XTRA IN 2022

XTRA Alpha Card

Only 420 XTRA Alpha Cards will ever exist. In 2022, we worked with 1500+ bluechip PFP NFT holders like BAYC, CloneX, Azuki, etc to make their PFP NFT avatars more fashionable and the top 420 supporters of XTRA were dropped these XTRA Alpha Card NFTs on Ethereum.

XTRA for Lions

XTRA for Lions is an NFT collection of metaverse-ready headphones exclusively designed for the Lazy Lions. Each NFT holder will be able to wear these headphones on their digital avatar in decentraland, sandbox and also claim the IRL (in-real-life) version at the time of the forging event.UPDATE - IRL Forging window is closed, do not buy from opensea/other secondary marketplaces to get the IRL version

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Don't expect mail from us, until it's important or something cool comes up. We are busy building.

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